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Water quality is the key to great coffee. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) created a water standard to help guide the specialty coffee industry. This was a pivotal guide to Third Wave Water's initial requirements as they comply with SCA water standards (Classic Profile & Espresso Profile). Here are a few key reasons why water quality is important:  

  • Flavor – Water can flatten the taste of your coffee. If your water does not have the correct amount of buffer or kH (alkalinity) it can be overwhelmed with acidity or have a massive lost in flavor due to no allowing enough acidity. Coffee is naturally acidic trying to change the water and water buffers can inhibit this exchange of flavor, or even the perception of some flavors on your tongue.
  • Extraction – Coffee requires certain minerals present to properly extract, pulling the coffee flavors out of the bean and into your cup. Calcium is one of those important minerals necessary to extract the coffee oils into the water; all three water profiles contain calcium.
  • Protect your investment –  Protect your investment and get the most out of your coffee by using the final tool, the right water, to brew your coffee.

The Espresso Profile - This water profile is specially engineered for your espresso machines avoiding the use of water boiler destroying chlorides. It is SCA compliant provide an amazing shot of flavor while simultaneously protecting your beautiful espresso machine. Whether you are using a La Marzocco Linea MiniTM or a SlayerTM Espresso single group, your machine and your coffee experience is protected. 

  • Permanent hardness - minerals will not scale your equipment.
  • Optimum TDS - SCA recommended total dissolvable solids of 150.
  • No chlorides - protects your espresso machine.

Just add one Third Wave Water sachet to 2 litres of distilled water, shake, and use to brew your favorite coffee. Espresso is one of our favorite coffee brew methods. We love the bright tang and sharp flavors that roll off your tongue accompanied with the immediate gratifying jolt of caffeine. We challenge you to taste the difference. Taste why competitors and coffee professionals all over the world are using with Third Wave Water.